We use only professional and recognized fire-retardants - paints, varnishes and impregnating agents - to process our products.


Fontefire WF

Water-based fire-retardant paint with the highest possible fire resistance class for wood products. Influenced by heat, Fontefire WF expands and forms a distinctive foam layer.

Fire resistance class B-s1, d0

Fontefire WF fire-retardant paint has been awarded the highest possible fire resistance class certificate for wood products B-s1, d0 in accordance with the standard EN 13501-1: 2007 + A1: 2009.

One product for interior and exterior wooden surfaces

Fontefire WF can be used as part of a fire-retardant painting system on both wooden exterior cladding boards and wooden interior panels.

Contains substances that protect the paint layer

Contains substances that protect the painted surface from mold, algae and microbial growth. It can be used directly on wooden surfaces without a special primer or wood preservative applied before.

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Fire-retardant varnish system for indoor conditions. Suitable for all wood-based materials. It can be used to treat surfaces, the requirements for which do not exceed B-s1, d0. the fire-retardant varnish does not necessarily have to be varnished again. The advantage of using a surface varnish is that it can be tinted in semi-translucent tones

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Fire-retardant systems for indoor and outdoor use. Facade boarding fire-retardant system is suitable for spruce, internal fire-retardant systems for all wood-based materials. The system makes it possible to use wood in places where it has previously been impossible to use wood because of fire protection regulations. Under current conditions, it is possible to build up to eight-storey wooden houses.

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Fire retardant for Accoya

Accoya, which Accys Ltd. describes as hi-tech wood, is gaining popularity and is increasingly used in Estonia as well. Accoya is produced by acetylation of conventional wood in a manner patented by Accsys Ltd.

However, acetylation does not provide fire-retardant properties for wood - Accoya ignites and burns in the same way or even better than ordinary wood. Being a special wood, Accoya also needs a special fire-retardant device, which must be tested and certified for use on Accoya. Fire retardants for ordinary wood do not work on Accoya and certificates issued for conventional wood do not apply to Accoya.

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Fire-retardant for thermal wood

Thermally modified wood is wood treated at a temperature higher than 170°C. As a result of this process, the resistance of wood to softening and weathering are improved, improvements are also made to the thermal insulation and moisture expansion properties of the wood., are improved. At high temperatures, resin is also released from the wood.

Thermally modified wood is well suited for both interior and exterior cladding, terrace and floor tables, furniture and furnishings. Thermal treatment improves the bio-resistance of wood and makes it particularly suitable for outdoor use. Due to moisture resistance, thermal wood has found widespread use in the interior finishing of saunas.

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